About Logger And Measurement tools 1.0

About measures

Please install this application from Android Market. It can prevent infecting your terminal by a computer virus, or data flowing out with the falsified application.

It is better for you to have moved data and to delete. Moreover, probably, it is good not to record positional information at the private place near your house.

How to use

Main menu

top menu image

It was exited this application. "RecordLocationService" is working without exit.
Stop to the service
It stops the service to record. If you do not stop it, the service continues working.
It displays the how to use and notes of application. It is necessary to connect it to Web.
It displays the information on this application. It displays the information on GPS and a sensor, etc.
Stop the service menu and button(long click)
"RecordLocationService" stops.

Trace and record your location

It shows the moving velocity with km/h or m/s. Depending on the GPS accuracy, it may have an error.
It shows the pitch with percent. It may also have an error.
It shows the latitude of the location. If the value is positive, it shows the north latitude. If it is negative, it shows the south latitude.
It shows the longitude of the location. If the value is positive, it shows the east longitude. If it is negative, it shows the west longitude.
Data n/1000
It shows the number of the positional information acquired until now. If you save the data, the number decreases.
Start to record / Stop to record
It saves the acquired positional information automatically at a file.
You can save the information at a file. Even if you check "Start to record", you can do it.
It displays a Preference screen.


preference screen

Record the GPS satellite locations
It saves GPS Satellite information, including the location of the acquired satellite, an altitude, etc., to the <extensions> element. It is an original function. The default is ON.
Record the temperature information
It records the temperature information. If it changes, it records. It is an original function. The default value is ON.
Start to record automatically
It starts to record the information of location at the same time you start to the service. It is the same operation as you chose "Trace and record your location" on a main screen and selected the "Start to record" menu.
Set the GPX element size
Set the GPX element size. The default size is 1000. The data is divided and saved based on the value.

About a filename


yyyy:years, MM:months, dd:days, hh:hours, mm:minutes, ss:seconds, z:time zone
It is the time when the information was saved to the file.

Hardware requirement

Indispensable condition

Recommend environment

The sample of gpx file


It includes GPS information. It passes along the Okayama bypass.

About the purchase in Android market

Please perform the next operation and verify these.

  1. Select a "About" menu.
  2. You verify to show "GPS: OK".
  3. You verify the name of an accelerometer and a magnetic field sensor.

If the following message is displayed, you cannot use.

Troubleshooting and Q&A

About use

If this application is used continuously for a long time, your terminal may generate heat. Please take care about the symptoms of a low-temperature burn.

You must not use this application under the situation where you are concerned with human lives, such as rescue.

It does not guarantee that the information is correctly recordable in all the environments.


 Thank you for purchasing this application. We are going to improve this application.

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Development schedule

We will add a function from now on also. Please expect.

Last updated date: May 2, 2011

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